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Pet Portrait FAQs

Q: What medium do you work in?

A: Portraits are painted in color and black India ink on toned paper

Q: Do you work from photos?

A: Yes. Ideally, I prefer to have several photo references for each pet.

Q: What kind of photos work best?

A: The best photos are in focus and unobstructed, fairly evenly lit, showing the pet(s) posed and groomed similarly to how you might like them to appear in the portrait.

Q: How much does a portrait cost?

A: For a single pet in the classic stye (no backdrop/props/costumes), 7"x9" is $100, 8"x10" is $130, 9"x12" is $150, and 11"x14" is $200. The cost goes up for added "extras" such as props or backgrounds, multi-pet images, or rush jobs.

Q: How long does it take to have a portrait done?

A: Most of the time, I can have a piece done within 10 business days of receiving the reference photos and first payment. I can give a more definite estimate at the time of an inquiry based on my current workload.

For more detailed information and/or to request your own portrait, send a message through the site, or email me: 

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