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Little Chemistry is the studio of Margaret Ashford-Trotter, cartoonist, illustrator, and fine artist. Margaret was born and raised in Seattle, where she began drawing as a tiny squib, and went on to earn a BA in Interdisciplinary Visual Art from the University of Washington. Her comics have appeared in Seattle’s alternative weekly The Stranger and in the Anthology Ghosts of Seattle Past (Chin Music Press). She has also self-published several zines and comics, and was awarded the Xeric Grant for the second issue of her comic book Thunder in the Building. As an illustrator, Margaret specializes in portraits (both human and animal), and in hand-drawn lettering. She has done illustration work for The Stranger, the acclaimed theater production Ghost Quartet, and for various Pacific Northwest bands and music-related businesses. Margaret’s fine art generally falls under the category of pop surrealism, and reflects a love of animals, spookiness, and offbeat humor. Most of her work is done in the media of ink & brush, marker, and/or digital, though she also works in block printing, acrylic painting, and stenciling.

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